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Ristorante Essentia

Ristorante Essentia

Piazzetta S.Nicolò, 2 - Castrocaro Terme e Terra del Sole 47011 (FC)

+39 0543 768260





Essentia is a small restaurant located in the historic center of Castrocaro Terme, born in December 2019, from a project by Andrea and Jessica who, after several years of pilgrimage, found, in their hometown, the ideal place to express their idea of catering. The philosophy of the restaurant revolves entirely around respect for nature and the cuisine is based exclusively on seasonal products, from extensive farms and crops of the territory. The quality of the raw material is the basis of a cuisine that, with creativity, seeks the essentiality of taste without ever forgetting to tell the history and tradition of the splendid geographical and cultural context in which it is located.